Indepentent Complaint Resolution Service

Information for new customers

ICRS is a specialist provider of independent complaint review and resolution services.

We also offer:
Support and advice for organisations on setting up complaints processes
Ongoing overview of the effectiveness of complaint handling within organisations
One-off reviews of especially difficult or sensitive cases.


Complaint review and resolution services

For most organisations, when complaints cannot be resolved through internal procedures, it is helpful to be able to signpost complainants to a recognised and dedicated independent complaint review service. ICRS provides a respected and efficient escalated complaint service and our partners have experience of providing similar services to a broad range of national organisations.

One advantage of retaining our services on an annual or agreed term basis is that we gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of your organisation, which both helps us to resolve complaints and to identify ways in which we can assist you to achieve an ethos of customer service.

Please let us know if you would like to know more about retaining our services in this way.


Setting up complaints processes

Many organisations do not have internal expertise in establishing new complaints procedures. From the start it is important to establish the principles that will underpin the service you will offer to complainants and to ensure not only that the service is appropriate for your organisation but that it also meets recognised best practice.

Our partners have practical experience and expertise in setting up both internal and independent complaint services for many organisations, whether local and national or international. We can offer consultancy advice or take a practical lead role, leaving you with appropriate and easy to use procedures and with staff who are trained in how to use them.


Overview of the effectiveness of complaint handling 

For organisations who have established complaints processes it is important to ensure that they meet current business needs and that procedures are geared to responding appropriately to the kinds of concerns that people raise. It is not easy for those used to existing processes to recognise when change is needed, and this is why it is important to have a fresh and expert perspective. ICRS can help you by carrying out a review of your current processes, providing a report on how well they meet your needs, and identifying ways in which you can improve your service to complainants.


One-off reviews

In the best run organisations from time to time things go wrong, or people think that they have. Most organisations try to resolve complaints as helpfully as possible but there are occasions when this proves to be impossible. The cost to the organisation of intractable complaints is very great in terms of time and resource, but there can also be an emotional cost in terms of stress and anxiety for members of staff to have to deal with upset; angry or vexatious complainants.

ICRS partners have the expertise and experience to deal with complaints that are especially difficult or sensitive. We are able to rapidly gain sufficient technical knowledge of complex legislation, policy or practice to enable us to respond appropriately to such complaints and to bring them to a settled conclusion.

We can also offer you a cost per case or day fee rate for our ‘one-off’ review service. Please contact us for further information.